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Childhood is the foundation of life. Most parents have the inclination but not the knowledge of systematic health care. Once a child reaches school age, regular visits to the doctor cease as parents concern has shifted from bringing up the child to preparing him for that school interview and the rigours of schooling. Visit to the doctor are limited to vaccination (once every two years) and whenever the child is unwell.

Since awareness is the first step towards quality health care, a school is the right platform for creating the right awareness at a tender age and providing timely tips to parents so that they are able to bring up a stable healthy child.

HEAL Junior is an extension of our wellness services and, as is our forte, not restricted to heal check-up alone!

HEAL Junior consists of

HEAL Protect

Package of 5 events in a school year

HEAL Just-in-time

Talk on Puberty changes (separately for boys and girls).

This audio visual is on voluntary basis for each student and offers 3 months e-mail support to attendees for specific queries/ concerns knowing very well they all have concerns but are not open enough to discuss in a forum.


Most parents lament that children today are becoming more and more stubborn; do not study as desired and keep falling sick?

Studies have shown that with increasing intelligence, our children are getting weaker emotionally. The kinds of failures and frustrations we parents have tolerated, our children just CANNOT tolerate.

HEAL Blossom will organize talks addressing most such issues. These talks would be for-fee and ONLY for interested parents. Topics would be decided in close interaction with school management and PTA.

Likely topics


AIM: To provide assessment and therapy for children/adults facing problems in areas of education, emotions, social skills, temperament, relationships, personality, work, etc. and enhancing overall well being.

Assessment for adult and childhood disorders:


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