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A team of professional medicos, nutritionists and counselors lead by Dr C H Asrani, the visionary behind HEAL has behind him over 30 Years Corporate Healthcare experience having certified thousands’ health status.

Dispensing Health the digital way!

Corporate Health

An organizations biggest asset is its PEOPLE, yet most companies don't apply the same rigor to managing their employee health that they bring to other business investments. While they view the health of their financial and infrastructure assets with a close eye, having built systems and ownership mechanisms to track their progress, the sustenance of employee health has been, by and large, relegated as a back office administration function without any clear strategy.

In the last decade the effects of these practices have surfaced in poor efficiency & productivity metrics, as a result employee health is now a "front burner" issue for most organizations. A healthy work force is indeed a prized soft asset for any organization that is aiming for superlative results.

At HEAL our mission is to provide

It includes complete care of individuals and families using clinical, behavioural and information sciences. We lay special emphasis on early diagnosis and cost effective management of common ambulatory problems, rigidly pursuing Evidence Based Medicine.

All our offerings are built around behaviour modification - the single most effective means of preventing diseases and improving the quality of life - and continuity of care with professional reinforcement - the most significant variables in sustaining long-term success.

HEAL Assess - The First Step Towards Managed Employee Healthcare

HEAL Nurture - akin to having a DeFacto CMO

HEAL Empower - training that touches life

Disease Management

Years of experience dealing with the corporate world has shown that several chronic ailments, although diagnosed, are not treated optimally resulting in premature mortality and/ or severe morbidity. Insurance industry is bearing major brunt of such improperly treated ailments.

Common issues being

Travel Related Advice

With India Inc going through its golden era, both leisure and work related travel is more of a rule than exception. With mega M & As, even inward travel has become frequent. Memories of SARS may have faded but one can not ignore the fact that with disappearing boundaries, global spread of infection is a horrifying reality. Even travel within the country, whether car, train or plane is fraught with the similar danger.

Possible health problems posed by travel include:

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