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Over last two decades, Internet has made it easier and faster to find health related information; most of it valuable. However, since the Internet also allows rapid and widespread distribution of false and misleading information, it is important for user to carefully consider the source of information and to discuss the information they find with their health care provider.

Enter C M Health Solutions - offering ‘NET’ value of health - content created by practicing medicos! CMHS has its foundation on a cumulative clinical experience of over 150 years. Indian netizens need not worry about the veracity of content anymore as we offer authentic, relevant, ethical, focused and India centric health content - all at our health verticals & blogs. All CMHS activities are based on a tenet that knowledge is for awareness not for self medication. This realization stems from our last mile medical knowledge, the raison de etre - none of our verticals suggest names of medicines.

CMHS Milestones:

  • 2000: Year of the seed - GrowingWell, our flagship portal was launched in 2000. It is a Comprehensive Guide for Growing Children - addressed all issues for better growth - not just ailments - and was the first step towards providing the Health Conscious Indian Netizen, Indian perspective of Healthcare, Indian statistics, Indian problems and Indian solutions.
  • 2001: Creating width in the Health Space - JustEves yet another offering from our bouquet, this time for the all sacrificing Indian woman. Her abject neglect of her own health more so after her last delivery, had always disturbed us. Providing Indian woman - everything from Menarche to Menopause with a generous sprinkling of tips for fitness
  • 2005: Medical depth - jointly launched Indian Doctors Guide - one stop source for Contemporary Medical Practice - web’s largest Indian content, written for the Indian medicos.
  • 2008: Interactive platform for women Justeves.in - The quantum of our members from across the globe is growing rapidly every year. Many of them have reached out to us, and there are a few thoughts that have surfaced with uncanny frequency surrounding their health related dilemma, "Am I the only one facing this", "With whom do I share my anxieties, questions, learnings and experiences?", "What do other women when faced with a similar situation?

    Their trust motivated Team CMHS to launch ‘The Forum’, an new interactive chat feature which provides a platform to share doubts, queries, tips and more with real time experience of like minded women across the globe.
  • The silent killer addressed!! Stress Management: Stress is an ALL pervading emotion and is one of the primary causes that manifests in physical effects. The trends witnessed by our medico’s following the economic meltdown, market recession and Sensex crash were alarming. Team CMHS responded swiftly to create a special, dedicated blog to provide ethical information on STRESS and it’scoping strategies.
  • MPD - There is a discernible void for online, confidential consultations and follow up in India. CMHS provides ethical advice on all ailments, followed by assistance for surgery / specialized treatment in India, if so needed. Medical tourism with a customized, knowledgeable and quality care!
  • Over 100 blogs penned by Dr C H Asrani
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